environmental management


PTTAC follows rules, environmental and safety regulation that is the same as other PTT Group Companies.
Follow mitigation measure that proposed in EIA report and shall propose the progress / result of the environmental mitigation measure report to IEAT and ONEP every 6 months. In addition, any situation may impact the environment, PTTAC shall immediately inform IEAT and ONEP for further problem solving.
Follow emergency plan or procedure in case that there is chemical leakage or fire case by conducting periodical emergency drill.
Periodically Publicize PTTAC information to community's leader as well as communities surrounding PTTAC area.
Set up complaint channel for communities about the project.

Establish emergency plan in case of chemical truck accidental and announce to concern parties for implementation.
Arrange chemical transport route not to pass through community’s area as much as possible.
Aesthetics and Recreation
Provide green area and buffer zone not less than 5% of project’s area.
Major Hazard Study

ProvideHAZOP study between Contractors and PTTAC to study, analysis, and review hazard or problems, which may be occurred as well as provide preventive action.

Prepare Risk assessment report and submit to Department of Industrial Work (DIW) regularly.

Waste Management
Apply 3R concept for waste management of the project including general waste, recycle waste and hazardous waste
Noise Level

Keeping good condition of all machine/ equipment at all time

Provide ear protection (ear plug, ear muff) for employees as appropriate, especially working in areas having noise level more than 85 dB(A).


Separate waste water ponds from rain water drainage and biological waste water treatment before discharge to Industrial Estate waste water treatment system.

Control waste water quality not to exceed standard of discharge to HEIE waste water treatment system.

Provide rain water pond to receive the first 15 minutes or first 30 milliliter rainwater from production and storage tank areas. If found contaminated, it will be discharged to rain water pond and then sending to biological waste water treatment system. But if found non- contaminated, it will be discharged to HEIE water pipe.

air quality

Control air pollution release within standard following Thai and International regulation.

Set up burners of ERU WWI and furnace of SAR to be Low NOx burner burner. In addition, Install Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMs) to measure NOx, SO2, TSP and O2

Establish VOCs emission inventory of production and machine/ equipment

Establish monitoring and Preventive Maintenance plan for machine related to air pollution treatment system and VOCs containers.

economic and social

Consider to hire local people with qualification as the first priority.

Cooperate with PTT Group and Industrial Estate to publicize PTTAC information to community's leader as well as communities surrounding PTTAC area.

Support and participate in community’s activities in order to build strong relationship between PTTAC and communities.

Set up complaint channel for communities about the project.

Occupational Health and Safety

Set PTTAC Safety Committee in order to establish policy, safety procedure and report the progress to management as well as to employees to strictly follow the rules.

Provide enough Personal Protective Equipment suitable for job/ responsibility.

Provide first aid room within the project.

Provide Safety and environmental training, including safety rules for every employees and relevant persons according to their job responsibility

Provide health check-up before working for all employees by yearly basis.

Inspect chemical leakage from high risk equipment such as piping, tanks, and production. Also, install gas detector which area capable to connect to alarm system and control panel in order to control leakage immediately.

Provide dike for chemical and product storage tanks.

Provide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and post MSDS at working area.

Establish emergency plan as a guideline in case of emergency as well as identify details such as procedure, steps necessary to control the situation as well as employee and relevant person responsibilities, contact point and necessity tools and equipment.

Provide fire fighting equipment according to NFPA or other international standards

Provide Sprinkler system at ammonia storage tank and surrounding ammonia storage dike.

Provide water for emergency situation, sufficient to response in case of emergency not less than 2 hours.

Provide Emergency Plan for each emergency level.

Provide emergency drill for level 1-2 at least once a year