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Crisis Communication Team (CCT) Workshop Training

July 26, 2018

PTTAC recognizes the importance of internal and external communication in verbal or written form honestly and transparently with appropriate use of channels for each circumstance. So PTTAC has established “Crisis Communication Team (CCT)” for communicate to stakeholders in time of crisis. For more knowledge, understanding and expertise to CCT, PTTAC has conducted workshop training by Hill & Knowlton, expert of crisis management, that emergency simulation by chemical leakage. Also especially trained for PTTAC management in course of “media training for spokesperson”, which trainee are consist of Mr.Vitaya Pinmuangngarm, President, Mr.Vattanaroj Charoenpitaks, Vice President Corporate Line, Mr.Yonosuke Ikeda, Vice President Operation Line, and Mr.Hideyuki Shimizu, Plant Director.

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